Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The End Is Near

The deadline of editing is near and I believe that I'm actually going to meet it.  This is pretty new for me and a little scary.  I'm back into the fear of failure again.  If I don't finish the book, it'll never be a failure - no one star reviews, glaring typos or low sales.

But if I do finish this book, success may happen too.  Like my husband said, it doesn't matter if I think the book is good or not at this point.  I'm almost finished, may as well get it done.  And frankly it's not a bad book.  It's also not going to get a Nobel Prize either but that's fine, this time around.

As I come in for a landing on this book, I had an interesting conversation.  There's someone who wants to hire me to help them write their book.  They need someone who can help them manage the project and has done the process before.  At first I wondered, do they have any idea how well I can procrastinate?

But, on the other hand, I do have years of experience in managing offices.  Years of managing business projects, juggling deadlines, setting goals.  I've even considered becoming a professional organizer.  It's my own stuff that's harder to do because it's close to my heart.  This is another reason for me to get my book out there and done.  I need to focus on the next thing and also on Nanowrimo.

I've decided that Nanowrimo will be focused on two things; formatting India by Faith and writing the content for a couponing book.  I'm going to be a rebel and do it my own way.  I don't think anyone is surprised with this.  Maybe be surprised that I didn't announce my rebel status earlier.

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