Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And Life Goes On

So, I'm a published author now.  Funny, I don't feel any different and no one has asked me to sign their kindle for them.  When I get congratulations on my book, in my humble Minnesota way I want to dismiss them.  After all, it's really self published and not validated by an agent or publishing house.

On the other hand, I do believe that my writing is fair, otherwise I would not have put it out there.  It's not perfect or going to win the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.  But it is carefully crafted and edited until it cried "uncle."  After all, I have been published in print before and know a little about the process.

Knitting by Faith is currently ranked #6 in the "knitting" category for kindle.  Which amuses me as the sales are less than the amount to send out a royalty deposit.  Yesterday it was #14 after the first overnight sales.  And I've beat out the Yarn Harlot by quite a bit right too.

I know the sales will fall a bit once the "family & friends" copies are done with.  What has surprised me is the wide variety of friends that I am able to call on to share my book with.  I hadn't realized how many different friendship circles that I have; knitting friends, church groups, writing buddies and even some online forums that I've frequented.  They all have been very encouraging and supportive so far.  I do realize that it is these types of groups that are less likely to give me feedback that might hurt my feelings (except the writing groups) I would be fine if any would give me non-positive feedback too, as long as it's honest and helpful.

And so, life marches on and it's time to work on my taxes.

In other news - you may have noticed the new look of the blog.  I've added a few new features to the sidebar on the right.  Part of me doesn't like the added "clutter" look, but on the other hand, each item is important to have IMO.  I've also added a blogroll that features other writers whom I know personally.  When you finish my book and need something else to read, give their blogs a try.

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  1. Wow! It's all I can say. I am so impressed you have pursued and accomplished this dream and are going down "The Writing Road." I don't have a kindle, but I downloaded the app to our computer so I should finally be able to read your book. Looking forward to getting together for coffee or tea with the author.