Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Irony and Nanowrimo

All of a sudden, my writing world is incredibly busy.  Nanowrimo has taken off, I'm starting to manage someone else's publishing process and finally, I am putting the finishing touches on India by Faith.  And it's not just writing that's picked up which makes me wonder, what did I do when I had a job?  Probably wish I could be at home to write.

Nanowrimo is going well, over 3,000 words into the Christmas story.  I'm using a Random Number Generator to figure out the facts of people, places and events.  This is similar to what I mentioned in an earlier post, Random Character Dossier.

It's been interesting to discover family secrets, a teenage pregnancy, a missionary aunt who is home on furlough, a nephew who is studying to be a pastor and other facts about the characters.  All of these things I wouldn't have thought up on my own.  I hope that the story continues to be interesting and rich in characters.

But as interesting as the Nanowrimo story is, it is not my first priority.  It's time to get India by Faith formatted and published.  And it's time to get the other person's story in line.  It's ironic that usually, Nanowrimo writers get distracted from their writing and do other things.  In my case it's the opposite - I want to write the story but it's a distraction from other things.

I never said I did things the easy or logical way.  Here's more proof to that.

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