Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The State of Things

Perhaps you've noticed, it's been quiet around here since Christmas.  I'd like to tell you that it's because I'm too busy writing but the reverse is true.  So much for my goal of having 2-3 books out per year!  And as I look back over my blog, it is scattered with different directions in writing until I finally settled on finishing my Women in India book.

When I put my notice in at my job, I imagined all that time I'd have to write.  In reality, time is still scarce to come by because when one is at home most of the time then there are greater expectations of housework and such.  No matter the circumstances, finding time to write is a priority, not an afterthought and something you hope you'll have time for.

Currently, there's a quilt I need to finish, taxes to do and various projects at home that could keep me from writing for a few more months.  But you know what?  I can't let the tyranny of the urgent continue to stop me from writing.  Each afternoon, just an hour can be enough.  Perhaps by the end of the year I'll have another book ready to publish.

A note about the photo above.  It's from the Tower of London, from whence I received my 2nd royalty deposit (UK not the Tower).  At this rate, I may earn a pound in a few months and a 1 stop tube trip in about a year or so.  Royalties are still amusing me.

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  1. So much looking forward to your book on women in India; one of "my" Sunday School girls is now a missionary in India, with her husband and 5 children. They rescue girls from temple prostitution. Recently, I mentioned Knitting by Faith; I bought and read it in one sitting, now must re-read. It was thoroughly delightful and Biblical. The chapter where you sat with Jesus and knit...fabulous!
    He cares for me so I, daily, inundate Him with my laundry list -smile-.