Friday, September 18, 2015


On the Rimrocks

I woke up the other morning with a knitting pattern design in my head.  It all came pouring out like a line of writing.  Guess it's time to get that one down on paper.  I've been dreaming up a couple of them, both based on the sandstone cliffs in the area.  I'm surprised that I haven't found any knitting patterns out there already like this.

As for India by Faith, I haven't given it much thought.  It's out of sight, out of mind.  Early feedback is good so far, the rest should be in by the end of the month.  I'm enjoying the feeling of freedom in the afternoons.  I'm able to explore more of the area, sort through some boxes and clean up for the in-laws.  We're having our first house guests arrive shortly.

I'm not sure yet what the next book will be.  I have three options right now:
  1. The story of mom's prison ministry.  It's a story that only I can write, as I'm the only one left that was close to her when she did that.  I have all the letters and artwork from the inmates and their artwork.  This one may take awhile to go through and write.  And I'm not a fast writer.
  2. How Not to Coupon.  I'm an extreme couponer and have quite a few funny stories.  I also have some friends who have the same.  There's too many how-to's out there, why not a humorous one?
  3. The trio of stories that I've been working off and on for the last few years.  This is fiction, and I've mentioned it now and then on this blog.
I'm leaning toward #2 because it's the easiest.  Yet it doesn't have much to do with my first two books.  However, since it is a light book, I can also work on #1 at the same time.  The prison ministry one may take awhile since I may try to contact some of the inmates if they are still around.  

But if you know anything about me by now, my  next book will probably have nothing to do with any of these three options.  It's the process of figuring it out that is the important part for me.  I've always enjoyed the process more than finishing in knitting.  I'm seeing that same thing happen in writing, too.  (Those last two sentences have just turned a light bulb on in my head.  More thinking on this is needed.)

Off to do the final touches on the place before the in-laws come.  It's nice they timed their visit while I wasn't actively writing. 

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