Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How To Slow Down Time

In Anne Lamott's book, Bird by Bird, she said the first step to writing is to write a crappy (she used a different word) first draft.  I am so excelling at that step.

As I sat down and wrote another chapter, I bored myself.  Suddenly, an hour felt like two.  Every minute expanded as the time went by slowly as I hacked out another paragraph.  I had found a way to slow down time; write a crappy book.  Not only that, but reading it back also slowed down time.  I think I have a marketing idea.

"Time going too fast?  Slow it down by reading my book.  Every minute will feel like an hour!"

Think it will sell?

Not all of it was terrible.  But I did find a note in part of one chapter that said, "(this is getting boring)" so apparently my boring writing has happened before.  There were about 3-4 chapters that I did like out of all the ones I tried to flesh out.  I'm not sure what this will mean to the book yet.  There's a few more chapters that I need to bore myself with write and then the draft will be done.

Hopefully things will get better.  I think I need to find Lamott's book and find out what to do with a crappy first draft.


  1. Hi Julie,
    I love your e-book "Knitting by Faith". Is there any chance that you will be publishing it as a book in addition to e-book? I have a lot of friends whom I think would enjoy reading it but don't have access to e-books.

    Thanks, Mary

    1. So glad you enjoyed the book! I have been looking at getting a print on demand version of the book out. The issue for me is that for a 35 page book, $ .99 is not a bad price for kindle. But in print version, the price jumps quite a bit. And formatting is a little tricky because I'll want to add photos too. But it will come out eventually - please check back in for status updates!