Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ready Or Not

Wife: (a little angsty) do you really think anyone will want to read about my stories in India?
Husband: It doesn't matter.
Wife: Why?
Husband: Because you're almost done with the book.

6 Days until I'm done.  Ready or not, here I come!  You'd think I'd be editing like crazy and taking every spare moment.  But instead, I'm still pretty good at procrastinating.  I do make myself sit down for at least an hour at a time before I get too antsy.  Then I go and Konmari something or clean something.  Since when is cleaning a better option than writing?  That's so messed up.

Other people apparently have more faith in me than I do.  They keep asking when I'll be done, expecting that I'm just a busy editing bee at home.  In a way, I have been, more than usual.  But I know that I could do more.

It's that Other Self (OS) popping up again.  I think OS doesn't really think this book is worth finishing.  That once it's done, then the bad things will happen and no one will love it.  And then I'll realize that maybe writing isn't for me after all and I better get a day job and give up on my dreams.

In that scenario, it's so much better to be almost done and never finished.

Today I'm going to alert those who have volunteered to edit my book.  I'll let them know to expect it in their email box in a week.  My real self is ready to cut the apron strings on this baby and get on with something new.

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