Friday, August 28, 2015

How Not To Edit

How Not To Complete A Deadline for Book Editing

  1. Spend a half hour in the morning looking at facebook
  2. Make appointments and sort through papers
  3. Take your dog to the dog park for an hour
  4. Run all the errands you can think of on the way home
  5. Have a snack and look at your email
  6. Clean the house
  7. Eat lunch and look online some more
  8. Sit down and write, download some critique you've already received
  9. Gloss over critique, get up and eat an orange with the dog
  10. Sit down, open up the draft and then, oh wait - 
  11. Check the smoke conditions for the area
  12. Check to see if driving to Wyoming would be better than Montana this weekend
  13. Remember to check on a local coupon book
  14. Click on a link from the coupon site to home furniture
  15. Return to facebook, then pinterest, then....
  16. Growl at yourself and close down that browser window
  17. Get a text from husband, reply, reply...
  18. Find the papers you uncovered about your India trips in the paperwork this morning
  19. Read through papers, realize there's nothing new to add to the book
  20. Blog about how you haven't been editing

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