Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Almost in Focus

I think I'm nearing what the India book is really about.  There's still a few chapters with no endings.  But the ones that have endings, end with bringing the story back to the Bible.  So perhaps I've found a little rhythm to the chapters.

Over the last year I've toyed with many titles and subtitles.  I may be narrowing the title down soon, but the subtitle isn't ready yet.  My current working title is, India by Faith.  It goes along with my first title quite well and tells the potential reader two things to expect about the book.

My subtitle was, "connecting the hearts of women through handcrafts."  This would be a great subtitle if a little long.  But while editing the book, it became less and less about the handcrafts and more about my experiences in India and what I learned about faith and God.  I will revisit the subtitle once I'm closer to finishing.

One surprising element has been the word count.  My first draft was about 40,000 words but now I'm just shy of 20,000.  Whole chapters have been dropped and even though I'm fleshing out others, it still is a small book.

The book still is a bit fuzzy overall, but a picture is coming into focus.

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