Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life and Writing

I must be getting scarily close to finishing my book formatting.  Why?  Because my Other Self is trying to sidetrack me.  

Hey look, that Nano story sure is great.  And if you don't write it out now, all the good ideas will disappear.

You know that coupon blog you've been wanting to start?  Do it now, it'll be fun and profitable.

Your sales of knitting patterns are outpacing your book sales right now.  How about another pattern?

And so on.  Some of those temptations sound like good advice.  But on the other hand, finishing is good too.  And it's so close.  Now is the time to get it done and out.  Because Christmas is around the corner and this would be a good book for those people who get their kindles for Christmas to buy.

This week I have a lot of stuff to do as we get ready to spend some time with family for Thanksgiving next week.  Plus my family wants to celebrate Christmas, so we'll have to do presents and all too.  Life always happens, though.  My True Self, the part of me that knows I was born to write, must press on toward the end.

On a side note, the Nanowrimo story is going quite well.  It's going in a direction I didn't expect, which really isn't unexpected after all.  I just need to be more mean to my characters and have more conflict.  Then if all works well, near next Christmas it'll be available as an ebook.  And of course I'll have angst about finishing that one too.

But, writing always happens.

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