Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drivel or Dynamic?

Has my book ship come in, or is it sinking?
Editing started in earnest the last two days.  I've renamed most of my chapters and added a knitting quote to the beginning of each.  Being a tactile person, I printed a copy out and went to town marking it up.  And as I read, I wondered - is this drivel or something special?

One of the problems with the book so far is that some of the pieces were written to be used shared as devotionals when I was in India.  Another issue is that some of the chapters were written a few years back, while others, just days ago.  Continuity of voice is lacking, so there is some work to do.  Ugh.  I wish I was done already!  Whoever said that writing is easy, has never done it.

I really hope that critical mass happens with this book and that it turns into one of those "ahhh" moments and all falls together after looking like a mess.  Otherwise I'm screwed.

The big bad word, "formatting: is looming before me too.  My friend Amy said that she had some issues with hers, but used Calibre and it helped a lot.  I must look into this thing called Calibre.  Is it call - lee - bree?  or cu - lee - bruh?

I am a little jealous that Amy is only maybe a week out from pushing that "publish" button.  But then, she's worked a lot more hours on hers than I have.  I am truly happy for her, and I do believe she'll be quite successful.  Sarah will too, I've admired their writings for many years now.  Yes, I'm waxing poetic again on the dynamics of writing peers. 

Speaking of which, we've made a pact.  Next year, when we are successful at this ebook publishing thing, we'll use the money we made to finally meet in person for a writing retreat.  We haven't all met together before.  Amy and I have, but Sarah is across the pond.  This all means that I better get my butt glue out and write.

My new goal is to have the editing of the book done by the end of May.  Formatting to follow, then cover design, and then have a catharsis and finally get to push that "publish" button myself. 

On top of that, I have set the goal to have 3 books published by the end of the year.


That would seem a bit outrageous a few years ago especially since I don't know if my first one is crap yet.  .  But it is achievable or I wouldn't have set it. 

Time to work the crap out of my book, literally, and get 'er done.

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