Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Still Editing

It's all in the editing

Last week I lunched with my writing friend, Linda.  The usual topics came up; too many ideas, not so much time, the need for a quiet space, distracting spouses, goals, editing and the like.  We are both in the editing process of or books.

This is the time where I kind of wish I had gone the traditional publishing route.  There would be a team of people helping me get my book polished and done.  There would be an outside force setting deadlines for me, giving me a reason to go off and write instead of housework.

Yet I have never regretted epublishing.  In fact, it wold have been hard to pitch Knitting by Faith to an agent or publisher.  It's a niche book with a limited audience.  However it would certainly be nice to have that team of help.

Instead, here I sit once again with my laptop.  Today I am the editor, tomorrow I may be the cover artist or the marketing department.  My team right now is a few friends and my dog for morale support.  And my dog would prefer tummy rubs to my typing.

This is also the time when other stories and book ideas start singing to me.  They are fresh with potential and no editing time needed.  And I think that I need to balance both the new ideas with the drudge work.  So after a time of editing, I'll allow myself a little time to flesh out the next book.  Ideally by the time I finish India by Faith, I'll have the next one well in hand.

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