Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yesterday I finished the editing of my knitting book.  I could have taken longer, but how much does a less than 10,000 word book need to be gone through?  At some point I just have to be fine with it and kick the book to the curb.  Today I sent it out for critique to some writerly and knitterly friends.

I am now heading off to the KDP site to figure out just how to get this book epublished.  Since I already have my cover art, I think I might start there.  Although there was that idea of sending this off to the kindle singles place to see if it could fly there.  The difference would be the royalties.  Priced at $0.99 and published the regular way, it would be about 35%.  With kindle singles, at 70%.

If I sell 100 books this is what I'd make:
Regular epublishing:  $35
Kindle Singles: $70

A $35 difference per hundred, $350 per thousand.  Nothing to sneeze at, but I have to figure out how I want to go about it.  I don't think the book is long enough to command a higher price and it's all just practice anyway.

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