Saturday, April 21, 2012

Perfunctory Naval Gazing Intro Post

Y'know, they are kind of interesting.
Doesn't every blog have to start with the "I'm making the blog because..." so it gives it a starting off point and a goal (or not)?  So here's a shot for this one in simple bullet list form so it's easier to skim:

  • Started writing in grade school, my first book was about my cat, "Black Jack the Runt of the Litter."
  • In High School, I wrote a still unfinished story about a girl named Cynthia (Sin) whose boyfriend died in a drunk accident and she was supposed to be in the car with him called "Not Neccessarily Sin."
  • My best friend in high school told me that writing was for old people.  I'm probably at the age now that I thought was old, then.
  • After trying El Ed and Music Ed for a college major, I ended up going for an English Major after liking those classes the best.  
  • Wrote some well received fan fiction and learned how to finish a story (finally!).
  • Started to be involved in writer's groups, first online and off and on locally.
  • Stuck in a boring job?  That elusive dream of writing would torment me again.  
  • Got a kindle and became increasingly intrigued with ebook publishing.
  • Got some free kindle ebooks on epublishing and became really, really, really excited about epublishing (Dr. Larson always did tell me to watch my "very's").
  • Husband told me to get on the epublishing thing so he could quit his job.  Ditto.
  • Realized that I need to stop spending time on stuff that's not helping my writing dream become reality.  Such as some of my other blogs, time commitments and one day job.
And thus ePublishing By Night was born.  I'm a night owl too, so the night thing isn't really an homage to those supernatural kind of books, but more to the fact that I write best at night and have a day job and this is sort of my night job so the name seemed to fit in essence if not in genre.

This will be my journey from 0 to ePublishing a book (or books) as I learn about the process and all that stuff.  You know what I mean.


Naval Gazing done.

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