Monday, September 15, 2014

Hitting Snooze

Every week a reminder pops up in my inbox to blog an entry here.  I've been hitting the snooze button on that and not following through.  Partly because not much is happening and it all sounds sort of boring in my opinion.  I did some more editing, worked a little more on a print version of Knitting by Faith and procrastinated.

One of my roadblocks to making time to write is how I manage or not manage my time at home.  I've finally let go of some more mental baggage on that and think I'm on track to a better system.  Clean on Mondays, declutter on Tuesdays and projects on Thursdays, Wednesday is work and Friday is a fun day.

This morning I knocked out my to-do list by 11am and ran around town with a few errands.  It's now just after 1pm and I have until 5pm to write.  Yay!  I even had time to get a workout in too.  Since this is my heaviest task day, this system should is going to work.  Because with more time at home, more is expected.  It's all in the timing.

So now, I just have to do the hard work of editing and formatting.  It's nothing glamorous or exciting, just work that needs to be done.

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