Monday, August 18, 2014

Sometimes I Forget

Meeting someone new usually goes about the same.  Who are you, where do you live, what to do you do.  Lately, I'm not sure what to tell people what I do anymore.  Am I a housewife?  A yarn shop worker and knitting teacher?  A writer?

A writer, working on her second book.

The cleaning stuff is just a necessary evil and the yarn shop gets me out of the house.  But sometimes I forget what I'm working towards most.

I took July off to let my first draft rest and did some editing on a friend's book.  It is now mid August and I am finally back into the editing process.  We had a guest speaker at our writing group last week, David Sluka, who took us through a mind map of our books.  It was helpful for me to plug in my India book and come up with a title, subtitle and book structure.  I know all those things he talked about, but again, sometimes I forget.

There are two working titles.  My first one is "Hindi Sisters," but I'm wondering if the Christian community will misinterpret "Hindi" for "Hindu."  The second one is "Knitting in Translation, teaching handcrafts in India."  I like the second one better even though it isn't all about knitting and it may need a reference to missions in there.

Going with the language theme, each chapter will have a Hindi word at the beginning which will also be the theme of that chapter/story.  I've also decided to put the stories together sequentially after reading a memoir book that did not do that.  It was a little frustrating to be told this part, jump to another, then say, by the way in an earlier episode, this also happened.  This is all pretty basic story structure info, but sometimes I forget and need to be reminded.

So today I put the chapters in order, got rid of a few chapters that weren't working, and fleshed out a little more on a couple I liked.  Then my hubby came into my room and started talking.  I reminded him to knock and wait so I don't lose my train of thought because, sometimes he forgets.  And it's been a little while.

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