Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Again

Globe Theater

We arrived home last Saturday afternoon, tired and with scratchy throats.  And I've been writing since.  Not a book or article yet, but notes and reviews.  I know from past experiences that if I wait until later, I'll forget a lot of the details and emotions.  So in order to be able to write well on our travels later, my thoughts must be put down now.  You can read my other journal, the Pieceful Ewe, about our travels.

I didn't write a thing on our trip.  The days were filled with site seeing and eating and we were tired at night.  I did hand write in a journal and have several ideas for articles and such.  Now I just need time to do them.  

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting my long-time writing friend, Sarah.  We got on well together and we'll see each other again next spring at our friend's wedding in Canada.  It's nice to have international writing friends.
Julie and Sarah at the Tower of London

And I am motivated now to get back into writing and revisit my goals.  There's a whole world out there to see and write about.  Once I am more financially independent with epublishing we'll be able to live anywhere we like.  Even back to Orkney.  I'm already making plans to return.

View over Stromness and the Hills of Hoy

While I was gone, Knitting by Faith continued to have strong sales, often in the top 10 of knitting books for kindle.  It has now sold over 300 copies.  I'm pretty pleased with my first "child."

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