Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleep Later, Write Now

Christopher McDougall's feet - I'll tell you more about this in my upcoming book.

I couldn't get back to sleep tonight so I thought I'd get up and do stuff until I got tired.  Started in on my Monday cleaning routine, but then had to sit and write out some stuff for a new book.  Not sleeping can be productive.

With Knitting by Faith practically ready to go, I've been trying to find what to write next.  There were a few possibilities, but the events of the last few days brought one candidate to the forefront.  I've had this crazy midnight idea (okay, maybe it was around 1am) a few nights ago to run a marathon.  Now, I've only run a 5k and my finishing time was close to a fast walker's time.  So I am not a great candidate for a marathon.  When I came to my senses, I figured that I'd try another 5k and improve my time.  And if I do well, then maybe a 10k and then maybe a half marathon and then, MAYBE a marathon.

I read through my journals of my 5k training and was pretty surprised at what was in there.  It wasn't just stuff about how far and where I ran, but about my struggles, triumphs and failures.  And I realized that this was also the time that I was pulling myself out of being the caregiver to my husband who had kidney failure and later a transplant.  This was not just journal entries.  This was a story of learning to live again.

But there was a little voice in my head asking, "why would anyone else want to read your boring prattle?  What sets your story apart from the others already out there?"

And I can see that perspective.  Just because I've experienced something, doesn't mean that anyone else wants to experience it too.  However, words, phrases and sentences started to sing through my head for this story.  I felt compelled to write about this.  And really, it's not just about a nearly failed attempt to run a 5k.  The story is about the struggle to push yourself forward and learn what you're capable of.  And like I said, it's also the story that won't leave my head, so I'm going with it.

My hope is that it will inspire others to know they're not alone in their struggles.  And that it's okay not to come in first as long as you finish the race.

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