Saturday, March 16, 2013

He's Right

My knitting book is pretty much done and ready to push the "publish" button.  It's been that way for a week or so already.  When I talked to my husband recently about my hopes for ebook publishing, he said that I should just publish it and be done, and not wait another week.  Basically, quit agonizing and playing a wait game and just do it.  The date I picked to publish is my birthday, but since that date has no specific meaning for the book, there's no need to wait.

I conferred with my writing friends.  They said he was right unless I have my heart set on a date.  I hate/love it when my husband is right.

Tonight I shaped things up on KDP except for my final, final draft.  I want to comb over it once more and then get it out there.  The next time I post, it may be with new of my first book publication.

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