Monday, September 29, 2014

How To Start

Some people in a facebook group asked about ideas on jobs that they could do at home.  Quite a few people posted about home sales parties or multi-level marketing jobs.  I suggested writing ebooks.

I've done the home party thing before and it works fine if you can stick with it and run it as a business, not a hobby.  But then every week, I'd have to go out a few times, do a party, sell stuff, order more supplies, manage the books (my weak point), arrange more parties, then start all over again for a few hundred dollars a week.  For me, it's easier to get a real job.

Home parties are continuous effort with continuous money.  Ebooks are effort up front, royalties later.

Here's some basic steps in how to write an ebook:

  1. Think of an idea of a book that you can write, right now.
  2. Write the best book you can
  3. Edit the book until you're sick of it
  4. Send the book to trusted people who can give you editing advice and/or hire an editor
  5. Make the final edits and format your book for the epublishing venue of choice (kindle, smashwords, nook, etc.)
  6. Design your cover or hire someone to do it for you - make sure it's professional looking
  7. Put it all together and publish your book
  8. Tell everyone you know about your book and why they need to buy it and review it
  9. Market your book
  10. Watch the sales come in and think of an idea of a book that you can write, right now.
Repeat steps until you run out of ideas of things to write or until you die - whichever comes first.

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