Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm With Stupid

the alpaca agrees

I read through some of my old posts the other night.  Besides realizing that I was supposed to have this book out last spring, I discovered something else - I'm stupid.

In the Kindle Singles post, I said that I'd be stupid not to go that route, but I am not going that route now.  The reason why is that it's just easier right now.  If I went with the singles, I'd have to put in a lot of work on making up the synopsis, samples, etc. and then wait and hope.  It's a lot like the traditional publishing route.  I'm finding it much easier to just follow the KDP route and put it out there.  Sure, it may not earn me as much in the end as a single would.  But for this one, it's not all about the money.  This book is about the process and completing that process.

I would feel stalled if I had to sit and wait on the Kindle Single program people.  If they didn't like it, I'd have to do this anyway, but with less confidence.  Perhaps it's better right now not to know if my book is acceptable to a publisher, and let the readers decide.  Perhaps I'm also a bit afraid that a rejection right now might derail my momentum.

For today, I am able to say with confidence that I feel good about the shape of the Knitting by Faith book.  I could publish it today and be okay with it.  I have edited and edited over and over and over again.  Even though I know it's not perfect, it's as good as it will be.  However, I'll let it marinate a little more and look at it again next week.

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