Monday, March 18, 2013

"Save and Publish"

I pushed the button at last, the one that said "save and publish."  Honestly, I didn't feel really ready to put my baby out there, but I'm never going to be completely ready anyway.  With heart racing, cold fingers and a bit of courage, I have published my first book, Knitting by Faith.

And it's all a bit anticlimatic.  The book is now "under review" and I have to wait up to a day or so before it really is out there.  No fanfare has gone off, no champagne corks popping or even a shout of joy.  Although the sun did come out and is making it hard to see my laptop screen.

I'm nervous.  Will it be drivel and fall to the bowels of amazon's ebooks?  Or will I be able to sell a respectable amount of copies and get a few good reviews?  My gosh, it's almost better not to publish than to be in such suspense.  Which is why I was probably dragging my feet on this.

When the book is a possibility, it always has the potential to be something great.  But once it's out there for others to see, it's like a naked child running around, flaws and all.

I'll let you know when it's out there and provide links too.  I've also put up a sample chapter, which you can find on the bookmark bar on the top of the newly formatted blog.  The dynamic view of the blog was fun, but it was difficult to keep things static such as an excerpt or a link to the book.

Time to go tell a friend and share this "joy" with others.

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