Thursday, February 28, 2013

Closing In

My first book cover

Last week was difficult as I brought closure to a few large parts of my life.  It was difficult and sad and then came Monday.

Monday found me hopping out of bed, doing morning exercises, cleaning like crazy and getting my book done.  I do believe that in the letting go of the past helped to free me up to go forward.  Suddenly I have traction on my book again and actually have something to blog about.

Monday - cover design and uploaded a draft of the book do KDP
Tuesday - book description written
Wednesday - writing group critique.  For the most part it was a success, some comments were "bravo" and that it was fresh, new and inspiring.  Some even mentioned they wanted to knit now.  Most of the critiques were small things, so it was reassuring that I am mostly on track with it.
Today I fiddled a little more with the chapters.  I had to replace some parts of chapter 11 since my research fell through on an important point.  So much for internet only research and a good thing I looked for the original attribution.

Each time I comb through the book, I tweak it a little here and there.  It will never be perfect because I am not hiring a line editor for this one.  After all it's only about 10,000 words or 31 pages.  But at some point, I need to just let go and put it out there.

Before Easter would be a good time to get out a book on faith.  So I counted back to Good Friday and then thought that maybe another few days and hit on my birthday.

Warts and all, the book is going out on my birthday on Monday, March 25th!  It will be one of the best gifts I can give to myself, ever.  And I do believe that I will make my husband take me out to dinner that night and bask in the glow of being published.

Things have been happening pretty fast with the book this week, so I'll come back later and explain all the steps.  It's like a cork has been pulled up and momentum has come.  I even have a couple ideas for the next books.

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