Thursday, January 17, 2013

So, It's True

It's true what they say about retirement.  And no, I'm not really retired, just out of a day job for now, but I am feeling like I am retired.  I don't have time to do anything!

That's not really true, but it feels like it.  The days are so precious, that I hate to fritter them away with things like shopping, going out to lunch with friends, and of course, blogging.  There is so much to be done at home that I could be busy for a year and still not be done with organizing.

Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but then again, I should have a good excuse for not blogging.  In reality, it is taking my heart longer to recover from the passing of my father than I thought.  I've slowed down the pace of my life to be attentive to this and realized that writing was not a priority the rest of last year.

This last month I have found some time and energy again to come back to writing.  I have just now finished incorporating the edits received from friends and fellow writers.  Next are the final edits and much prayers and hope that I found all the typos.  Although I have a bad feeling that I will download my book to my kindle and right away find a glaring typo.  Such is the lot of a cheepskate who won't hire a line editor.

Today I will go through it again and again the next day and the next day until I am sick of the book.  Then, off to figure out the format for the kindle and get the cover and all situated.

It's true, I do have time now.

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