Friday, May 11, 2012

The Folly of Overthinking

Keep It Simple - like a Mongolian Yurt
I was PMing back and forth with one of my writing friends, Amy, (who is ready to epublish her first one next week) about formatting.  I asked what she did about indents - and she said, NOTHING! 

Taken aback, I begged or rather, asked for more.  Apparently, Amazon is ahead of me here.  When you go to epublish on Amazon, it already formats your paragraphs. 

*sound of palm hitting forehead*

Why didn't I just go and look at how to epublish for kindle in the first place?  Instead I read some of those free kindle books on how to publish and think I need to get complicated.

Sometimes, simple is best.  I'm simply going to meander over to Amazon's epublishing platform.

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