Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Diet of Fiber

It's So-What Sunday, the off Topic day.  So-What because if you're not interested in anything but the writing part of this blog, just shrug, say "so what" and wait for the next post.

I've been looking forward to our local sheep festival which happened last weekend.  I am a knitter, needle felter, spinner, dyer, etc. and learned a new craft, nuno felting.  But first, check this out.

That's my photo that earned the blue ribbon for the festival retrospective category.  I wasn't going to enter it, but someone else who saw this photo from last year, insisted that I do.

New this year was Elmo, the sheep.  People were invited to bring something to put on Elmo, so I brought one of my needle felted owls.  He's right above the "m."

This was my 3rd time at the festival, and I helped out the LYS (local yarn shop) owner in her booth.  Wow, was that exhausting!  It also meant that I didn't have the time to browse through everything well.  But I did score some fiber and some spinning batts, which I have been longing for.  Then Sunday, the class.

The fiber layout
Agitation begins

Nuno felting was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the creative process.  Even before an hour had passed, I was already planning more projects in my mind.  As the 4 hour class went on, I began to realize that this was a very time intensive process.  But then again, I know that nuno felted items go for premium prices.  So I began to hatch a plan.  If I averaged a couple pieces a day AND had a market, I could make a bit of my income and quit my job.

And then, I came to my senses.

A scarf can only be sold once, an ebook can be sold an infinite number of times.  Why in the world would I want to start something new, another side job, when I have writing?  Let the hobbies be the hobbies.  Writing is not a hobby to me, it's what I believe I was born to do.

The festival is over, time to get back to writing.

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