Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writing Friends, Revisited

Friendship in any context is beautiful.   
This first week on this blog seems to be a "gathering" time.  A time to gather some resources, knowledge, advice, and even some friends.  A few years ago, maybe even almost ten by now, I was a part of a community forum based around a book series.  Out of that came my fan fiction stories.

It was easy to write off of someone else's work because I didn't have to come up with the background, characters, just find an intriguing sideline and go with it.  It was great practice for writing which led me to post original stories.  Sadly, I can't find a single story anymore that I wrote at that time, and there was one that I think would've been good to almost instantly publish about a woman who traveled back in time and the people on the shores of Orkney thought she was a selkie.  But I digress.

A writing group of sorts was formed from there and from it, two friends who I think write a lot better than what's being put out for indie fic right now.  One of them now has her stories as ebooks, the other is very close.  We've recently started a new group together and we're gaining momentum and revisiting our friendship, too.  I missed these people and not sure why I let the friendships slide for a few years.

Anyway, what comes to mind is that I posted before  about maybe someday being a part of an indie group of women writers, not realizing that I already had one.  I don't need to aspire or become anything or form anything, it's already there. 

May you also find the joy of friendship through writing.

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