Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indie Chicks

Oops, those are INDIA chicks, not INDIE chicks!
 (plus a guy and can you pick out the two Americans in the photo?  teehee)
I recently finished reading the book, Indie Chicks: 25 Independent Women 25 Personal stories, compiled by Cheryl Sireman.  This was pure inspiration!  I love that it featured determined women from different walks of life, that are publishing their books despite roadblocks.  I identify with them, even though I have yet to publish.

Going forward with this, I've "liked" their fb page and am going to check out each blog.  I think that these places will lead me to some inspiration and encouragement of like minded women.  They also seem to be encouraging, too - not all writers are.  These are the kinds of places that I'm in search of right now.

I did visit the kindle publishing forum, but it seemed sort of...sterile so far.  Maybe I haven't gotten into it enough yet.  But there is a lot of good info.  I'm going to post the links to these two places on my link page.

Tonight I haven't written anything more, but will if I have insomnia again.  If I'm going to be up, I may as well write.

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