Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Friday

It's all about the food, the book is secondary at our book club
I'm starting something new (as if the first week of the blog wasn't all new) today.  The Friday posts are reserved for an off topic subject because it's also a night to take off from writing. 

Tonight, the topic is...Eat, Knit Eat (READ)

A few months, the last few years, um, ok.  At our local yarn shop, there has been a group of women who meet on Fridays for open knitting time.  It's where we knit, solve the world's problems, debate politics, host showers for life events and recently, we have started a once a month book club that begins after the shop closes.

The book club has evolved with our eclectic group.  We have only one thing all in common - we like yarn.  Ok, maybe two, we like to eat, and oh yeah, to read.  With the last few meetings, it's become all about the food and meal, and then when we're feeling sated, we start to talk about the book we read that month.  It's really hard to stay on topic and there's a lot of interrupting each other, heated discussions, and if you're a soft spoken person like me, very difficult to get a word in.

However, one Friday when I wasn't there, they elected me leader.  So, they sort of listen to me, sometimes.  I do well in written communication where there's no one to talk over me.  I've even started a blog to organize our meetings.  Go organized introverts! 

Our meetings are crazy, sometimes chaotic but always fun.  I hope that there are more meetings out there like ours, that someday, my books may be the after dinner topic of choice. 

But I don't ever want to have my book be the topic of choice for our book group.  They'd tear me apart.

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