Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rebel Winner

Yay - I won Nanowrimo!  Well, sort of.  I'll admit, just between the two of us, I stretched the word count a little.  Yeah, I know, that's not the way I should do things.  However, I did basically finish my story and was just a little short.  So I started another story and added it to the word count.  This falls into the "rebel" category of Nanowrimo so it's allowable.  Just not a clean win as I'd like.

I'm not sure why all my stories and books are so short.  Knitting by Faith was only about 10,000 words, India by Faith is tracking around 20,000 words and my latest Christmas story was less than 40,000 words.  Perhaps if I didn't edit so ruthlessly, I'd have longer books.

Yesterday I spent some time formatting India by Faith.  It's a slow slog at times.  But I think I've learned how to put in photos without making things go wonky.  My goal of publishing in November has flown by but I am determined to get it out by Christmas.  Now that our family holiday gatherings are over and Nanowrimo is out of the way, it should be smooth sailing, right?  I won't even think about the fact that we may be closing on our house in Minnesota soon and that we're looking for a new place in Montana.  Time to put on my blinders and get it done.

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