Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Playing In Tune

Three years and two days have passed since I left my job.  Time has been both swift and slow as I reflect on that time.  Slow as in it seems like a long time ago and a different me who used to go to a day job.  Swift as in, where has the time gone and where are the other books I had planned to write by now?

And that dream of living off my writing hasn't happened yet.  Of course I'd need at least a few more books to make that possible.  Although to see other Indie writers, I've done pretty well with my one short book.  The downside to my success is that I've no idea how to replicate it.  All I did was tell family and friends and a couple years later, it has sold over a couple thousand copies.

Perhaps though, the advice to write the best book I can and to edit it until it screams (or I do) is the best advice of all.  And to have a good cover too because books are really judged by their covers or their thumbnails for ebooks.

And now, I'm taking my soon to be published book, India by Faith, chapter by chapter.  The feedback has been good so far with the overall story and content.  It's just the fine tuning that's taking place.

I remember when I thought I'd learn guitar and my dad showed me how to tune it.  It's actually fairly easy.  Get the first string to play a certain note, then press the next one and get it to match it.  Then press down the next and match that to the previous one.  And so on until it's all perfectly tuned.

So really, when one is fine tuning a book per say, first get it to match the right structure of a book.  Then take your thumbprint, press down and let it sing harmoniously against the original structure.  Open up the next chapter, press down and do it again until you've gone through the whole thing.

It sounds so simple.  But the pressing down with your own thumbprint part, that's a bit tricky.  However, once it's done, you're all set to go.  Just run your thumb down the pages and hear it sing and whisper.  It's ready now to be played and enjoyed.

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