Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Drawing Inspiration

India by Faith

Last week I worked a little more on my book cover and I'm pretty pleased with it.  It exceeded my expectations on what it would be.  Originally I planned to use a photo from my travels to India but none of them worked quite right.  So I found an image that would work as a cover and purchased it.  After a little playing around, I have the basic design.

I may make my name bolder, perhaps do a color bar at the top to make it stand out.  As a thumbnail, it's hard to see.  The subtitle may change as well but otherwise it's good to go.

One thing to consider with ebook covers is the importance of the thumbnail image.  A reader will not see your book on a shelf and hold it in their hands.  Rather, they will browse online through thumbnail covers which may or may not be in color.  Make sure your title is clear and the image eye catching in the thumbnail size.

My cover is now inspiring me on the last leg of editing.  I've even made it my wallpaper on my phone, so I'll see it every time I use it.  It's a good reminder to myself that I'm almost done, that it's almost there.  And it's going to be a beautiful book.

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