Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Overlooking My New Hometown

I've never moved to a new state before and the changes that I need to make are often expected but sometimes odd.  Here's a few examples:

  • I have to make an appointment with the DMV to change my driver's license, they are out 3 weeks.  In MN, we'd just drop in and wait in line.
  • The sun is more intense in MT, so I need to be more careful about just flitting outside and doing something.  Sunscreen, sunhat and I'm even discovering UPF clothing.
  • Cereal was over $6 a box at the largest grocery chain around here.  I'm used to stocking up under $1 at Super Target.
  • Y'know those scenic hikes along the rimrocks?  It's wonderful, but watch out for rattlesnakes.  
  • ATVs aren't just for off roading, they're also for running errands in the middle of the city.
  • Lake Elmo is a state park near Billings.  Sadly, I'd classify it as a large pond in MN.
There are some wonderful aspects too such as low humidity, no mosquitoes (hardly), mountain views and friendly people.  But all this to say, I'm finally getting down my new rhythm in this place.  

Yesterday I contacted a writing group held out of the library.  I had taken my time looking for a group because I need to be a resident to get a card or it's $70.  And with my appointment still a few weeks out, I just decided not to wait any more.  The groups are full for now, so I'm learning yet again to be patient.

Someday I can be like the majority of people I meet saying, "I moved here -- years ago and never want to go back."  But for now, it's still the period of adjustment. I've thought about getting a job so I could meet people, but honestly, I'd rather sit with my laptop with rimrock or mountain views and continue to write.  So while I'm still a bit unsettled, I finally unearthed my book again and gave it a good dusting.  

While I miss seeing friends and family, there is one companion that I brought with.  It's the child of my thoughts and dreams and it's ready to be unpacked.

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