Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Almost Back

My New Hometown
I finally made it to Montana.  The house preparations and packing took longer than we thought.  With help from friends and family, we made it work.  More things could be done, but one must stop sometime.  The house is for sale and we're basically moved into our apartment.

My in-laws drove the 800 miles with me and stayed in our apartment with us for a week.  They left a few days ago so we are finally on our own.  The first days on my own have been slow since I reinjured my ankle.  It's finally healing enough so that I can be mobile again.  Although being "stuck" in an apartment does have its advantages - I have time to think about writing again.

Would anyone be surprised to hear that I have another idea for a book?  It's another non-fiction, a short series of stories.  I wrote out chapter ideas this afternoon and it looks like it could be a fun book.  But now that it's down on paper, I can free my mind to look at India by Faith again.

Even though apartment living is not ideal - neighbor noises, lack of space, dog on leash; there are some advantages to consider.  Cleaning takes very little time.  Also, since we got rid of a lot of stuff, there's less stuff to take care of (just don't look in the garage).  There's just not that much to do which leads to the point that I finally have time to write again.  I'm going to take advantage of this new living situation and finish my book before we look at buying our next home.  I imagine that period of our lives will be a bit more busy.  The book is getting really close, perhaps in the next month or so I'll be sending it out to get feedback from friends and editors.

I had no idea that I'd start a book in one state and complete it in another.  It's a moving book.

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