Monday, April 6, 2015

And Now, For My Next Trick...

My first knitting pattern is published!  Right now it's available on ravelry.  Gathered Hay is a lightly ruched knit scarf designed to showcase mini skein packs and gradient yarns. Alternating rows of linen stitch and ruched stockinette stitch form a pattern reminiscent of cut and raked hay.  

From a writer's perspective, this was a pretty easy pattern to complete.  Make some sample, make a complete samples, have some people test the pattern, edit.  It's a lot like writing a book except the process is much quicker.  However if it had been a sweater, I'm sure it would have taken longer to complete.  But the fact that there's one focus in the whole project makes it easy to do.

On the downside, pattern writing is a lot more expensive.  There's the cost of yarn and supplies and the model to be paid (I didn't have to pay but thought it was a nice gesture).  Writing a book is a lot cheaper except if you hire an editor.

Another downside is that being a first time pattern designer, it hasn't sold like hot cakes.  I could do some promotion but the more designs I publish, the more likely this pattern will sell.

Sound familiar?  It's the same with with book writing.  Backlists help sell more books.  The more you publish, the more visible you are and the more you look professional.  I've been fortunate to have success with one book but the sales are starting to slip now.

Time to get back to India by Faith.  It's been an interesting journey to knitwear designer.  There are so many similarities between them.  Having one focus in pattern writing - the project, hit home for me.  Part of my issue with India by Faith was that I didn't know what the focus was for so long.  I think I have it now, or at least am getting clearer on it.  And then the pattern of the book will all fall into place.

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