Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Next Great Adventure

Farewell Lakes, Hello Mountains!

A week and a half ago, my husband got a job offer.  The catch?  It's in Montana and he's to start after Memorial Day.  All my plans for writing and finishing this summer flew out the window as we began to scurry and figure this move out.

Thirteen years of living in this house, forty years in Minnesota with the accumulation of my parents and grandparents things.  It's a big job and I haven't had much of any time to knit.  I thought at first that I could still do some writing in the afternoon.  But now our calendar is filling up with lunches, dinners and get togethers as people want to meet with us "one last time."

I also had visions of starting a blog about our new life in Montana and making it into a book someday.  And then I got a hold of myself and kept on packing.

Sometime, on the other side of this move, my shoulders will finally relax again and I'll be able to sit down and remember how to knit and how to write.  But for now, there's not going to be much of any of that going on.  And sometime, I'll be able to pause and realize how big a move this is and think about what I'll miss about Minnesota.

And yet, this will be the next great adventure of our lives.  Time to start fresh with less stuff, new home, new circles of friends, new community and church, new everything.  After all, this is our 20th wedding anniversary, we're still young enough to start over.  This is the time to make the change.  So why not just make it an 800 mile journey.

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  1. Good luck with everything. Yes, a new adventure.