Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two Years Knitting by Faith

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Knitting by Faith.  And I've said it before, but I am still pleasantly surprised at how well received this book has been.  As of today, it is just a few copies shy of 2,000 sales.  If I included the returned copies, I'd be well over that number.  

If you've read through my blog you know that I am a little flighty and undisciplined with my writing.  By now I had hoped to have at least one or two more books published.  Part of the delay is making myself do the work and the other part is fear of failure. 

The Atlantic Monthly put out an article last year about why writers procrastinate.  Does it say something about me that it took me a year to read this one?  Perhaps you've read it already.  The first half of the article resonates with me.

Wherever you are in your writing life - from a seed of an idea or several books published, it's all a process.  In David Gerrold's book, World of Wonder, he states, "Your first million words are for practice.  They don’t count.  Remember that."  A million words are about 10 books (for me maybe 20).    

When I hit one million, I'll let you know.  You do the same.  Until then, I'm at 10,180, 989,820 to go.  

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