Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outside Friendly Forces

My long time writing friend, Amy got married at the end of May in Canada.  So I saved up my royalties and flew out for the wedding.  Our friend Sarah, in England was not able to come, so it was a writing group of two.  I met these two ladies online about 13 years ago in an author forum.  We continually got on well together and I was able to meet up with Amy a few times and finally met Sarah in person, last year.

Over the years we've encouraged each other in our writing, cracked the whip, threatened to get out the butt glue and shared our lives.  For a space of time there was sproradic communication but we reunited a few years back in a private facebook group.  They both had kindle books out, and so I felt the push to publish mine.  They were the largest catalyst to get me moving.  Currently though, I'm the only one of the three that is working on her next book.

Now that I think about it, it's probably why my next book is taking so long to finish.  I didn't realize how much "outside forces" contribute to motivating me.  A writer is never in a vacuum from people though it may often feel that way when doing the actual work.

It's time to engage with other writers that will encourage me and push me forward.  And in turn, I'll do the same for them.  The writing group from a church we attended for awhile and a friend who's a locally published author.  And someday, Amy and Sarah will again write and we'll be there to help each other.

Here's to those writing friends that are true encouragement, politely critical and most of all, can make you laugh.

Oh, no - poutine!

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