Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fan Fiction

About 10 years ago I encountered a web forum about a series of books.  I was waiting for news of when the next one would be out.  After a time I became a member of the community and even a moderator and sponsor but most of all, a fan fiction author.

Fan fiction is a great way to practice writing.  You already have a great story (or else why would it inspire you to write about it?), characters and a story line to go off of.  All you need to do is write a part of it that interests you.

Amazon is now encouraging writers to publish their fan fiction stories in Kindle Words.  Of course there are guidelines to follow and not all books or authors give permission to publish your own story about their story.  Also, not only does the author get a royalty but also the owner of the "world" in which the author is writing about.

This is pretty groundbreaking in my humble opinion.  Fan fiction, which as for many many years been sidelined or ignored is now in the forefront as a legitimate way of writing.  For many fan fiction authors, this will be a great opportunity to make some money on their labors of love.  It will also raise up many new and talented voices.

I was one who got my "start" as a fan fiction author.  Without the encouragement of readers, honing from other authors, I may not have had the courage to continue on with writing.  Though I no longer write it myself, I have a respect for many authors out there who do great work.

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