Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Do I Really Know?

Yesterday I met a couple friends at a coffee shop.  One was trying to convert her self-published books to kindle ebooks and wanted to know if I could help her.  She was going to treat me to a drink for helping.  But I wondered, did I know enough to merit the cost of a Dunn Bros drink?

Since I didn't have a lot of concrete notes, I brought my laptop with so we could look up the places I used.  Turned out, I knew a lot more than I thought I did.  We talked about the KDP site, how to upload a book, get the right categories, author page, promoting your book within books, KDP select, website platform and all kinds of stuff that I didn't realize I knew about until we started talking.  Where did all this info come from?

I'm not sure.  The information is everywhere, mostly from online sources or ebooks.  I didn't learn any of this from a face to face meeting.  So eventually if you do enough homework, you can learn how to write, publish and market your book - virtually for free.

This inspired me to get back at it and concentrate on my Knitting Sisters book.  My goal is to have first drafts done by the end of August.  I am hoping for a November publishing date, but it will depend on how much I obsess over editing it like I did for Knitting by Faith.  That was just ridiculous although it is fairly typo free (I think - but let me know what you find).

I do know a bit about the process of publishing an ebook for kindle, but there still is a lot more to learn.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to publish this way.  It's very freeing and flexible.

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