Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Author Platform?

If this is what an author platform looked like, I'd be on it already.

I've ready quite a few books and online places that talk about promoting your writing.  Many of them tell you to build up an author platform by blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.  If you notice, I don't adhere to that advice very well.  Yes, I do have a blog, but I have had many blogs in the last ten years.  I find them helpful to jot things down and much easier than a paper journal.  Plus I can label entries and search them easily.  I'd have this blog regardless if a book or article told me to or not.

You may have noticed, this blog is far from viral.  Hardly any comments are posted and no promotions going on, yet it does have a modestly successful statistic rating.  I hope that when someone enjoys my writing, they can come over here and see more about other writings and part of my publishing process.  When a reader finishes a book and wants more, they have a place to visit and check on for more.

I haven't put a lot of effort into promoting my author platform as many books tell you too and here's why.  The logic of platform + writing = success may be in error and could be writing + success = platform.  Yes you do need a platform of some sort but not to the expense of your writing.

There's a lot of writers out there building platforms.  How does a reader know which one to follow?  Think about it from the reader's point of view.  Platforms don't build readership, good writing builds readership.  Once the writing is established, have something ready to continue your relationship with your reader.  It could be social media, an email list, a blog, whatever.  

Keep in mind that whatever platform you have, you will need to maintain it.  I've been to many a "platform" that looks like the party was over years ago and all that's left is old party signs and tattered streamers. So keep it up and keep it fresh.

My platform method is low-key and I get a low-key response.  But if I put more time into this at this point, I won't have time to write my next books.  Someday if I go viral I will put a better plan in place, or hire someone to do it for me.  

So take from this what you will.  It's okay to work quietly for awhile and build up good writing and a small modest platform.  You do need both so keep a balance and funnel your energies accordingly.

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