Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I've gotten my first royalties from my book, last month and this month.  It's kind of weird, because I always thought that when I publish, I'll make a copy of the check and frame it.  But that's kind of hard to do when it's a royalty deposit, not a check.  Oh well.  I'm making sure to withdraw the money out in cash and set it aside so it doesn't get spent with the rest of our money.  After all, it's book money!

One thing has been amusing about my royalty payments.  I get 35% of the selling price.  That's not the amusing part.  When someone borrows my book, I get paid quite a bit more than the price of the book.  This is because all borrows receive the same payment amount - whether it's a $ .99 book or a $ 19.99 book.  So I love it when you borrow a copy!

I'm setting aside the funds from this book to meet two long-term online writing friends, one from England and one from Canada.  The Canadian friend is getting married next spring and we will all three be there.  We have never all three been together in person.  I've met my Canadian friend a few times and will meet my English friend this fall.  So far, so good.  We do chat a bit online, so if we have trouble talking in person, we can boot up our laptops and chat that way.

These two friends have been a lifeline to me in writing.  They encouraged me when I first started to get more serious and have kicked my rear end when I needed it.  In turn, I do the same for them.  With one, I share a birthday, with the other - tragic camping stories involving beavers.

There is no better way to invest my royalty money than I can think of than to deepen our relationships.  And I just might be able to teach them to knit too.

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