Monday, March 25, 2013

First Week Stats

A week ago, I hit the "publish" button and have enjoyed a modestly successful week of sales and my first review.  Some of the stats of my book so far:

  • 1 week in the top 100 knitting books for kindle, varying from #6 to #47
  • Over 30 sales worldwide
  • 1 - 5 star review
But there's no rest for the self-published.  The learning curve continues as I learn to:
  • Publish on Smashwords
  • Set up POD on CreateSpace
  • Learn how to promote my book
  • Look into setting up my own publishing house or whatever that's called
  • Advertise on other places such as ravelry after it's up on Smash & CS
And start another book to publish.  No wonder I don't have much time during the day anymore.  I already have a pretty full job, even though for now it's not paying that much yet.  However I did sell enough copies to receive a royalty deposit whenever those go out.

Next week will probably see me fall in the ranks, but I have hope that it will bounce back again in a few months.

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