Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Forward, in Slow Motion

Slow, like snow falling on maples
Progress is happening on the book, it just doesn't feel like it.  For only 40 typed pages, it sure is taking a long time IMO to get this finished off.  Granted I am on a learning curve with epublishing in some respects, and a learning curve in putting a book together.  But darn it all, I just want to be done!

I poked around the kindle direct publishing forums (KDP) on format issues, and am going to continue to do that.  There is a lot of good info offered by fellow authors if you take the time to look.  The link is in my link page, but I'll post it again here for you, if you're lazy like me. 

I've also found some cover artwork that I like on one of the stock photo sites.  It's only about $20 and I can easily add the text using Publisher or something else like that.  I think it'll look pretty good for an amateur, but we'll see.

Baby steps happening.  I still need to address the actual writing and formatting issues.  But each step brings me a little closer to finishing.

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