Sunday, April 22, 2012

Novel Rocket

Oh no - it's not night yet, and I'm posting!  Well, weekends always did throw off a night job.  While I wait to leave for church, there's a little time to throw out a blog link that I've come to like.

One of the free kindle books that I have enjoyed is called Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes.  After reading the book, I looked her up online and found that she had started a blog for writers called Novel Rocket.  This isn't your one-author type of writing blog, it has a different author chime in a topic each day.  They write about things to help writers succeed and not feel isolated and abnormal. 

The best part - you can subscribe by email to them. This is one of the ways that I keep writing in front of me daily - by reading (or skimming - sorry!) the email post daily.  Sometimes I'll find something interesting to ponder, and other times I just delete it because of lack of time.  But it does remind me daily that yes - I am to be in the habit of writing and connected to writers. 

One thing I've noticed about it though, they haven't as yet promoted Indie eWriters yet.   I hope that will change as the quality of ebooks rises.

Find the Novel Rocket Blog here.  I'll add it to my page of blog links.

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