Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Down Draft

Last week I sat down to edit my first draft.  It was difficult to get my head into it and then I realized that I didn't take my own advice - let the first draft rest before editing.  So I set it down after a read through and will take it up again in August.

The book isn't as bad as I remember, it actually may turn out okay.  But I noticed something odd about this draft after my read through.  Almost every chapter is missing something - an ending.  The chapters seem to be leading up to something and then, ends abruptly.  This seems to be the norm, not the exception which is frankly, quite weird.  It's as if the book is waiting for something.  I'm wondering if, at some point in the future edits, a light bulb will go on and all the endings will fall into place.  I hope so, otherwise this book will be awkward to read.

In the meantime, I'm finally getting around to editing my friend's book.  She's sent me 24 chapters so far that I haven't looked at while I finished my own work.  After that, I may write a travel article or two.  And if there's time after that, figure out what to write next.  There's always another idea for a book, it's just figuring out which one to concentrate on.

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