Friday, November 15, 2013

Editing for Cheapskates

One of the big drawbacks in self-publishing is the editing process.  A traditional publishing house has editors on staff or on contract that are paid to bring a book to as near perfection as possible.  With self-publishing, a writer is limited to themselves, friends, family and maybe an acquaintance or two with some knowledge.  This actually isn't a bad way to go about this if you have limited funds.  One could of course hire an editor but the costs are quite high - from $500 on up for a good look through.  And that may only hire a one-time edit, not a back and forth process as happens in a publishing house.

I found one clever self-published writer put an afterword about editing.  She shared about the differences in the editing process for a traditional publisher vs. self-publishing.  Her conclusion was to pay the reader a certain amount for each mistake they found (and that she agreed was a mistake) and she could put the corrections in a future update.  It's an interesting idea that tells you're reader that you've done your best and opens the door to their voices too.

Yesterday I came across a crowd funding site that is geared toward creative endeavors with a category of writing.  A few of those raising funds for writing projects mentioned that the funding raised will go toward editing.  Could this be the answer for the self-published?  Perhaps.  I may consider trying this when my next book nears completion.  It's an intriguing idea and I could also have help getting the cover art, promotions and the like.

For now, my book is still just a box of mixed up bones, waiting to be put together.  I have a few more bones to put in the box and am a little surprised at the shape they're taking.  It's like thinking the bones you're working with are from a dog but they are looking more and more like a horse.  We'll see what happens when they're all there.

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