Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Going...

...slowly.  I finally started to copy over the file last night into my docs.  I don't really like it, so that's why I'm dragging my feet.

In other news, I started reading about formatting for the kindle.  One thing that I found that I have to do over is indents.  I've been working on google docs for my writing so I'll be poking around to see how to automatically set the indents.  If I can't, I figure out another way.  Maybe have to switch back to MS Word.  It's something that if I can figure out now, will go so much easier later.  One of my least favorite parts or writing is the fussy editing stuff.  The less to do after, the better!

ETA: I've decided that Friday's won't work for the off-topic blog post.  I'm going to save that for the weekends.  So, if you were eagerly awaiting that, my apologies and hold on to your hat, I'll blog that Sunday.

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